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* Advice provided by differing licensee's and organisations all working together under the one roof.


Financial Advisers Australia (FAA) is a customer focused services provider. We strive on providing viable advice for everyone because we believe advice is not just for the wealthy. Everyone can benefit from using a professional consultant to assist in managing their finances and ultimately their wealth creation.

We have offices in various locations throughout Australia with our Head Office situated in Maroochydore on Queensland's Sunshine Coast.

With a team of accredited consultants providing viable options for everyone, you will have access to all the professionals under one roof, not just a "General Practitioner" pretending to specialise in each and every field. Each staff member specialises in their particular area of expertise in order to provide you with the best possible service.

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Did you know that "More than 71% of Australians over the age of 65 receive a Government pension" Do you have enough?

Don't leave it too late to find out!

We provide a FREE Superannuation Assessment to see how long your superannuation will last when you retire. You might be shocked to learn that you won’t have enough to last.

We can also identify what options you do have available if the outcome of the assessment is not what you were expecting.

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Cash-Flow Management

Cash Flow Management

Cash Flow Management is controlling where your money goes, not wondering where it's gone.

Effective Cash Flow Management is the most critical aspect of your financial life as it forms the foundation of everything from a savings plan, realising investment potential or having a comfortable retirement.

It forms the basis of everyday living and should not be overlooked when planning for your financial future.

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Salary Packaging

Salary Packaging & Novated Leasing

Salary Packaging is a way of restructuring your income to reduce the amount of tax that you pay.

Approved by the Australian Tax Office (ATO), Salary Packaging means you can pay certain expenses out of your salary before you pay tax.

Salary Packaging enables you to save money when you buy a car through a Novated or Associate Lease. Depending upon your employer and the industry you work in, you may be able to pay for a range of everyday items or expenses using your pre-tax dollars e.g. Utilities, Mortgage Repayments and many more.

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With many years of finance industry experience, our in-house broker finance team are dedicated and committed to service, honesty and integrity and go beyond the expectations of our clients.

FAA is affiliated with one of Australia' most respected Lending Specialist Aggregators – Connective. Being a member of Connective allows us to work with Australia’s top banks and lenders and our service is FREE to you.

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Accounting & Taxation

Accounting and Taxation

For Accounting and Taxation purposes, we have access to an in-house qualified Accountants. Our accountant is able to assist all Financial Advisers Australia (FAA) clients with:

  • Tax Returns
  • Business Activity Statements (BAS)
  • Book-keeping
  • Any other Accounting and Taxation needs and queries that you have

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Employee Benefits Program

Employee Benefits Program

An Employee Benefits Program is a management tool used to affect positive cultural change within an organisation, potentially improving both productivity and profitability.

FAA tailors our service to the specific needs of your business, we work with you and your team to make sure we always provide the best range of products and services for your organisation and staff.

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Personal Insurance


Personal Insurance provides protection against life's unexpected events, such as accident and illness.

We believe it is important to protect you and your family against events that could possibly place you in a financially disadvantaged position.

We can assist you to ensure your family's future is protected by exploring the options available to you.

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Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Estate Planning is the way that you anticipate and arrange for your estate to be passed onto your beneficiaries in the most simple and efficient way. Having a Will in place eliminates uncertainties, ensures that your possessions go to those that you intended them to and maximises the value of your estate by reducing taxes and other expenses. Estate Planning involves preparing your:

  • Will (includes beneficiaries and Executors);
  • Power of Attorney or Enduring Power of Attorney; or an
  • Advanced Health Directive

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Financial Planning

Financial Planning

"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail."

Financial Planning is simply planning for your financial future by becoming aware of the options available to you to reach your goals and determining the best path to take.

Financial Planning is something that people of any age, income bracket or marital status can and should be doing.

We offer an extensive suite of financial services to assist you.

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FAA Excelsior Program

Excelsior Management Program

Based on your Excelsior Plan, the Excelsior Program is a "Cash-Flow & Financial Management System" that is individually designed to help you achieve both your short-term, and long-term goals relating to Retirement.

It incorporates having a specialist to assist with every aspect of your finances to assist you to maximise your 'Investment Opportunities'.

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Excelsior Management Program.



There are two main types of investments, which include;

  • Property
  • Shares / Managed Funds

FAA is able to refer you to a Lifespan Consultant to discuss the different types of investments that are available and how they could assist in your retirement planning.

We can look at your individual situation to see if you are maximising your opportunities and if not, explore the options you have available.

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FAA Salary Packaging Administration Bureau

FAA Salary Packaging Administration Bureau

In addition to being a Salary Packaging Administration Bureau, FAA are accredited with & have access to a large number of resources such as Lending & Finance Companies, Novated Leasing Companies, major Insurance Companies and more.

FAA provides employers and their employees with a complete and professional salary packaging program that can be tailored to the individual needs and circumstances of the employer and employees.

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FAA Salary Packaging Administration.


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