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Additional Benefits

Salary Packaging Assessment and Administration

  • We assess each employee's salary packaging arrangements to ensure they are maximising the available benefits and identify ways in which it can be improved in their individual situation.
  • We organise and provide all documentation for the employees to implement or amend their salary packaging.


Email Query Service

FAA provides a free email query service on all financial matters. We have a one business day level of response because we realise your time is important to you. Throughout our website, you are able to request an appointment and ask questions.


Initial Consultation

The initial consultation and the information provided to your employees is FREE of charge. If it is beneficial for them to proceed with any of the options available to them, the fees will be discussed with them during their appointment. Until such time they advise us they would like to proceed, there is no cost to them, and the appointment is obligation free.


Employee Benefit Program

We are able to offer a great opportunity for employees to benefit from using the FAA Salary Packaging Administration Bureau. The Sal Pac Bureau can be implemented as part of the Employee Benefits Program to give staff additional benefits. This can not only help with staff retention, but also help staff plan for their financial future.

We are able to offer assessment on employee’s financial needs and situations. This service free of charge to all staff through the Employee Benefit Program we provide. From the initial appointment, we will offer a huge range of services for employees.

We are not tied to any brand or particular service provider and so we are able to provide thorough advice.


Having a 'Financial Health Check' completed

Your employees are entitled to a free ‘Financial Health Check’ which assesses their current situation and potential future direction. This has been the most requested service of all our offerings to Councils and Organisations across Australia that we provide Employee Benefit Programs to.


Maximising Tax Efficiency

We identify and assess how tax efficient your employees’ current situation is, including tax payable and minimisation. Employees are provided with advice and information on the options that are available for their individual situation.


Information and Assessment on Purchasing an Investment Property

We assist by examining your employees’ financial position, assessing their ability to purchase an investment property and providing them with the necessary information.


Information and Assessment on Purchasing Managed Funds

We assist by examining your employees’ financial position, assessing their ability to purchase managed funds.


Comparison between Purchasing Property and Managed Funds

We can assess your employees’ specific situation and conduct an analysis to compare the long-term results of both asset performances. During this assessment, we take into consideration their individual circumstances.


Superannuation & Retirement Assessment

During a Superannuation Assessment, we run the mathematical calculations to assess your employees’ position and outline the options available. We also look at Assets, Liabilities and Superannuation Balances on an individual basis to evaluate your employees’ position on retirement.


Transition to Retirement (TTR) Information

We can assist by providing general information on Transition to Retirement so that your employees are in an informed position.


General Information on Allocated Pensions

We can assist by providing general information on allocated pensions so that your employees are in an informed position to make decisions regarding their future.


Home Loan Assessment and Brokerage Service

We will review your employees’ current Home Loan structure and provide information and feedback so they can determine its suitability to their needs. We can also source the best deals available for buying a new home, renovating or buying an investment property.


Cash Flow Analysis

We assist your employee by evaluating how they currently operate their finances and provide feedback on their current situation.


Debt Minimisation Assessment, Structure & Assistance

We can assist in assessing your employees’ current debt position and provide feedback on debt minimisation. We are able to assess their liabilities and identify the most appropriate structure or products available.


Debt Consolidation Assistance – Refinancing Options

We can assist your employees by assessing their current debt position and providing feedback so that they can identify if consolidation is appropriate in their circumstances.


Estate Planning Assessment

We will assess your employees’ current documentation to ensure that their needs are met in the event of an unfortunate circumstance.

Maximising Salary Packaging Information & Assessment

By assessing your employees’ current Salary Packaging, we are able to provide feedback if they are maximising their benefits.


General Information & Assessment on Novated or Associate Leasing

By assessing your employees current we are able to provide feedback on if they are maximising their benefits for their Novated or Associate Lease.


Life Insurance Assessment

We can assess your employees’ current life insurance policies and provide feedback so they can determine if they have a suitable level of cover. We are also able to educate on the different types of insurance that are available to them.



© 2017, John Hehir, Financial Advisers Australia

© 2017, John Hehir, Financial Advisers Australia
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