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Equity Tree

The "Equity Tree" describes the pathways to invest into Securitised Investments. Securitised Investments are basically shares that can be traded on the stock market whether it be direct shares or managed funds, etc.

The cost of buying an investment either 'Retail' or 'Wholesale' is similar, however the 'Wholesale' path offers a considerable increase in value-for-money, greater access to a huge range of managed funds/shares, flexibility, reporting and provides you with many more options.

When we look at buying an Investment Property it can be a very simple process and the reporting is relatively simple, however when we buy Securitised Investments it can be far more onerous.

Property provides a good gearing advantage, but Securitised Investments offer far more diversity whilst providing generally a better overall return especially for those who may not be able to or don't want to use property in their investment portfolio.



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