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The professional way of conducting business plus excellent customer service makes FAA a stand out. Have a read of what our clients are saying:

Thankyou so much to your team for helping me sort out the financial mess I was in. I can’t believe how well you all took care of me. From start to finish. I will definitely be spreading the good word around and hope to see you again for more advice on my future.

Wide Bay-Burnett Region, QLD

I am just writing to express Judy’s and my appreciation for the support provided at our tax appointment. The team proved to be very friendly and extremely informative throughout the appointment and managed to make doing tax an enjoyable experience (who’d have thought that was even possible). Your team explained changes and nuances very effectively and as a result we have a much greater appreciation of our own situation. Over the last couple of visits, we have noticed that the team that you are gathering is becoming even more professional. Our recent work has been fantastic.

Brett & Judy
Moreton Bay Region, QLD

I really appreciate what you do for us! This is alleviating any of the worries I had and again confirming our decision is the correct one to have you as our team leader going forward into our investment and eventually our retirement.

P Milburn
Sunshine Coast, QLD

If i take up another Lease, i will do it through FAA again. The service provided has been excellent. I have also referred you to two friends over the course of my Lease.

D Zaranis
Sunshine Coast, QLD

I would like to express my thanks for your time & advise when you visited Blue Care last October. The changes that interview has made to my life have been enormous – I have more peace of mind, more cash flow & my accounts are still paid on time. Life in general is a lot easier. Again I thank you sincerely for your help.

K Cavanagh
Central Western, QLD

We would like to thank all who have helped our Son and Daughter in law overcome and sort out their finances, we as parents are very relieved that they now can get their finances in order. Thank you. We would also like to comment on all the staff at FAA in the way they presented and conducted themselves whilst we were there, they were all very courteous at all times. Again a big thank you to all.

Sue & Trevor
Wide Bay-Burnett Region, QLD

The feedback from staff is that FAA have been very helpful with a number of different enquiries. I myself have found FAA to be informative and helpful on a variety of subjects. I now have a greater understanding of the different services FAA are able to provide. You have been a fountain of knowledge to me and I appreciate the follow up information you have been able to provide. Thanks for everything.

A McCowen
South East, QLD

Thank you for the email and all the work you have put into getting my wife and I our first new car. The car is fantastic. I want to thank you for making this daunting experience enjoyable. I have in the past and will continue to recommend FAA to coworkers and friends. A satisfied customer!

The MacLean Family
Central Regional, QLD

My husband and I are very early in our relationship with FAA. They were introduced to us by my employer. To date, we have been impressed with their efficiency and personalised service. We wanted to know why these financial steps were of benefit in addition to the “how” to do it. Our questions have been answered patiently and we feel secure in our decisions. We would not have had either the time or education to tackle all the aspects of financial planning ourselves, FAA has made that process so much easier for us. Our only regret is not to have done it sooner.

J Tencza
Central Western, QLD

Initially we found out about FAA through me working for a large company which was providing a free financial information session -subsequently sparking some interest for an Investment, triggered only through the down to earth easy to understand approach from the presenter totally different from the usual hard selling Sales Rep trying to get a customer. We have found John and Chris to be very knowledgeable in our requirements for financial services. Both are realistic with their approach and provide different scenarios to help explain various situations / options suggestions and requests. We are very happy for having met John and his team and we have and will continue to recommend his company and services to family and friends. After all these relationships are based on trust and the support we get is great. We are very happy customers.

Sharyn & Andy
Regional Far North, QLD

I am writing to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to the team at FAA for the assistance to apply for a Novated Lease. Nothing was too much trouble during the process; I was kept informed of the progress via email and phone. The people I had to deal with were always polite and very helpful and I believe went above the norm to help. Thank you so much to Andrew and the team for making what was a stressful time for me so easy, I have never done anything like this before so to have assistance that I received was amazing.

J Kemp
Central Highlands Region, QLD

Hope you are well and wishing you and your family a very happy Christmas and a fantastic New Year. Thanking you for all your guidance and care for myself and family it was priceless and very appreciated.

Sandi and family
Sunshine Coast, QLD

We have benefited from the services provided at Financial Advisers Australia and we are now happy that we've got more money and are achieving our goals thanks to FAA.

G & K Dendle
Central Regional, QLD

With different people to cover all aspects of financial services, we don't have to look around at various companies. FAA was recommended to us by a friend and we will be happy to do the same.

B Bhandarker
Moreton Bay Region, QLD

We have found John to be very knowledgeable in our requirements for financial services. He is realistic with his approach and provides scenarios to help explain different situations / options suggested and requested. We are very happy fpor having met John and his team and will continue to recommend his company and services to family and friends.

Ben & Tam
Sunshine Coast, QLD

Opened my eyes to what we could do, wish we could of found FAA years ago. Everyone is really helpful and we are grateful for making us aware of our options.

D Carter
Sunshine Coast Hinterland, QLD

I would like to thank FAA for their assistance over the past few months. I was concerned about my financial situation and the amount of debt I had incurred over the years. I was beginning to think about my retirement planning and felt I needed some assistance. They put me at ease straight away. Then I had a “car emergency” as mine was very old and the speed and competence with which this issue was dealt with was amazing. They helped me with the salary sacrifice arrangements and I had a new car very swiftly and it was just before Christmas. How they did it I don’t know, but it was incredible. I am currently waiting to hear from the financial advisor with some further plans for the future but I am sure I will have no problems with their suggestions as they wouldn’t advise me to do anything that they wouldn’t do themselves. I have great trust in their guidance.

The people are so friendly and helpful at FAA that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone who needed assistance.

A Gordon
Noosa Hinterland, QLD

I have been very keen to salary sacrifice for a long time but was daunted by the process and I did not know what to salary sacrifice so I continued to delay making any enquiries. When I finally decided to make the call, I instantly felt that I was in 'safe hands' and that my best financial interests would be a priority. I was impressed that the team were able to look at my short term and longer term financial goals and were able to think laterally and devise a way for me to be able to fully utilise my salary sacrificing cap. This was a big step forward for me with believing that I had nothing to be able to salary sacrifice to being offered a number of options that I had not considered.

It has been wonderful to have a novated car lease as it is a streamlined process that is tax effective and means that all the running expenses such as rego, insurance, petrol are all covered through the lease. Using the fuel card has been easy and a fantastic way to have my own set of wheels again without having to budget for running expenses as these are all sorted before I receive my pay each fortnight.

I am also in the process of purchasing my own investment property which is very exciting! Six months ago I would not have dared dream that I would be in this position to be able to enter the property ladder. It has been through careful planning with Karl from FAA and having a goal that I have been able to do this. In addition, the property will be cash positive so I will be actually making money each year rather than having significant expenses if I had purchased my own property from the outset. If I didn't have Karl to guide me, I wouldn't have any knowledge of the incentives and tax advantages that I am now fully utilising which is very empowering.

What has impressed me the most is that it is a very personalised service. I have had continuous and consistent contact from Karl, my financial advisor with FAA. He has always remembered my personal circumstances, my goals and what has been important to me. This has made me feel like I am not a number, but a valued client. My dealings with all staff members has been excellent - everyone is very friendly, helpful, professional and all promises have been honoured which has made me trust FAA and feel that they offer a superior service.

By having this financial support explained in simple terms, it has been time efficient and streamlined so I feel that there has not been significant impact upon my time. If I had done this myself, it would have taken a huge amount of my time with researching and I am sure I would have just given up as it would have been too overwhelming to have done any of this myself.

I feel much more in control of my finances and my future - and that I am supported every step of the way. I have 100% confidence in the advice and guidance provided by FAA and would recommend FAA to anyone and everyone as they make the process simple and are knowledgeable in how to maximise my pay to get the best results and with ensuring future financial security. It is well worth that first phone call - I cannot recommend FAA highly enough!.

Central Region, QLD

We are so grateful to FAA, especially for the time and personal care Michael has provided us with. No question was too big or too small and the extra effort was always given even when it was in personal time. The thing that puts FAA above others is the “any questions just give us a call” and that they actually mean it.

T Simmons
Sunshine Coast, QLD

Thank you so much for your time, your effort and your efficiency. It has been outstanding, and we sing your praises to anyone who will listen. We highly recommend you and FAA to everyone and we will definitely be dealing with you when the time comes. Thank you again!

Rob and Jo
Morton Bay Region, QLD

Thank you to all of you. What a fantastic experience this has been. We have not had to chase anything up or remind people of tasks. We have been reassured emotionally and with solid evidence. I was very apprehensive at first and now my mantra is 'dots on paper' and I can see the long term benefits unveiling before my eyes.

L Prince
Noosa Hinterland, QLD

Financial Advisers Australia has assisted me with my wealth planning for the last 4 years. The services included salary packaging, Novated leasing among other financial plans.

I find them to be trustworthy and very prompt in their services. I have no hesitation in using their services in the future.

I have also recommended the services of the FAA to my friends and colleagues who have also found their services helpful and beneficial.

Dr. Kulasinghe
Hervey Bay Region, QLD

We both feel that you have been fantastic for us, and have helped us immensely. We are so happy with the service you have given us and would really like to thank you so much for everything.

Lyn and Steve
Sunshine Coast, QLD

We sincerely thank you for all you have done over the past months. To Mark and I it is much more than a home loan. I hope you will understand what a difference you have made. Truly grateful to have met you, you have helped us so much.

Mark and Ila
Noosa Hinterland, QLD

After half a lifetime of ignoring our financial future, my wife and I sought the help of John Hehir and the FAA team to help secure the best possible retirement situation for our family.

During the past few years we have reorganised our home budget, got all our insurance and other legal affairs in order and built a couple of investment properties that are intended to supplement our superannuation income during our retired years. There is little doubt that without the support of the FAA staff, all of this would have been much harder to achieve in such a short time. Also, any costs associated with all of this have already been recouped many times over through tax savings and increased equity in our properties.

Best of all, we sleep better at night knowing that we have help close at hand in making financial and other important decisions that will affect our family's future. My only regret is that I didn't start all of this 20 years ago.

Gympie Region, QLD

I arrived in Australia in December 2006 along with family and joined Queensland Health. Since I was new to the country I was a bit apprehensive and juggling with the new system and I was looking for someone who can understand my need for financial advice. I consulted a few colleagues and most of the highly recommended FAA to me.

Initially I approached FAA to provide me with some information about salary sacrifice arrangement.

I communicated with FAA and was greeted by their friendly reception staff who referred me to one of their consultants. Bearing in mind that I was new to Australian system my queries were attended and I was provided with information in a highly professional manner which helped me to make the correct choice.

Results were very positive, I was provided with a comprehensive salary packaging arrangement which was self explanatory.

My experience with FAA is like working with a reliable partner. When I purchased my first investment property FAA was with me at every step advising me in making correct choice from selecting land to acquiring land and then building the house over it. To date all the services which I have sought from FAA has been of high standard including Financial matters, investments, home loans and wills.

I was satisfied with all the services I availed off FAA as they were quite thorough in their approach and tailored their services according to my needs.

My experience with FAA has encouraged me to approach them in any matters of finance and the relationship which started with salary sacrifice has grown over the years and I trust FAA as my Financial Adviser.

I would highly recommend FAA to anyone who is looking for high quality professional services.

Dr Pareek
Darwin, NT

I chose Financial Advisers Australia Pty Ltd to assist me as they visit the Central West Health Service District and colleagues who have been dealing with them were very positive about their advice, service and manor. I therefore felt that they understood where I worked and lived environment wise and gave great service.

I wanted to know how to set myself up for retirement as I am 49 years of age and James had just retired so we wanted to know what were our options and what was best for us with our own personal situation and values. I also Salary Package my car and utilities.

When I first communicated with FAA I found them friendly, followed up when they said they would, gave me things to think about and did not pressure me to make a decision there and then but gave me options. From this I decided to invest in a new build house which is now completed and I receive a rent of $420 a week and the tenants have a 12 month lease. They have chosen a good agent for support and I feel confident about this decision. I have another house that I had purchased previous to seeing FAA and I now have this house on the market and when it sells I am planning on doing another build. FAA has given me a 10 year plan which is based on information that I have given them (so there is a lot of forms to complete initially). I also find if expenses crop up unexpectedly they have been very supportive of the decisions I have made. I am now at the point where my expenses are being reviewed again to ensure I am on budget.

When I see FAA my appointment is usually for 2 hours and we go over many things that I have not thought of before. I feel financially secure and confident that in my retirement I will be comfortable. I also do my and James' tax through FAA and the accountant that they use, and I have received good tax returns. It has helped me this year keep the necessary receipts that I can claim and use, so I now have an effective filing system at home as well. FAA work as a group and so the skills of the group are accessed. This means that at time others members of the group may ring you or email you about their specific area of expertise according to your situation. I find this quite unique and mean that you have access to specialists in all fields.

I receive contact from FAA on a monthly basis for which I am very grateful and I find this kind of follow up is at a very high standard. Based on my dealing with FAA for the last 2 1/2 years I would without hesitation recommend their services to you. I wish I would have done it sooner.

G Baker
Central Regional, QLD

My wife and I came across FAA quite accidentally when she decided to start salary sacrificing for a new car through her employer, Queensland Health. She was directed to FAA to arrange and mange this for her and it was while we were there that we met John Hehir who talked about our circumstances and what financial plans we had in place to build our wealth towards retirement.

During the conversation he outlined to us FAA's strategy of building wealth through investing in residential property. With both my wife and I in our early 50s at the time of this initial conversation, it took place at a time when we were thinking seriously about planning for retirement. However, we had not even considered the possibility of investing in property for this and nor would we have thought that we would be in a position to do so.

Intrigued, however, we arranged to meet with John again to talk further about what was involved. John and one of his able, experienced and amiable staff, reviewed our financial situation with us and patiently explained how the investments worked, the implications for the structure of our finances and how we would, in fact, be able to access financing for property investment and make the strategy work for us.

To be honest, although the numbers added up, it all seemed terribly complicated and rather daunting to us as we have never done anything like this before. FAA reassured us, however, that it really was much more straightforward than it appeared. After giving the matter considerable thought, during which FAA were never less than patient and thorough in answering the many questions we had, my wife and I decided to take the plunge.

How has the experience been? Wonderful, really, and very easy, just as FAA said it would be. As they had always said, the process from start to finish was very straightforward and FAA took all of the pain out of the building experience by taking responsibility for managing the builder, helping us to arrange financing, ensuring payments were made on time and so on. The process was made all the more enjoyable because the various partners FAA work with to pull these investments together, from builders to property managing agents who find and manage your tenants, have proved to be first class.

The building contractor completed the work on schedule and on budget, the quality of the work was excellent and their communications with both FAA and us was first rate throughout the whole process. Our first property was handed over to us on a Friday last September and our tenants moved in on the Monday. Worth mentioning is that the quality of the tenants found by FAA's property managing partner are top notch. They have now been with us almost a year and have just extended their lease.

Largely thanks to the professional support and guidance of FAA, it has all worked beautifully. The experience was enjoyable and painless. Our first investment property is now almost a year old and we are just about to start building our second.

For anyone looking for a professional, patient and friendly company to assist them with planning their finances and making the most of what they have, I could not recommend FAA more highly.

M Clark
Sunshine Coast, QLD

In 2008 Qld Health (Nambour Hospital) provided us with a list of financial advisers who could help with salary packaging. We chose FAA at Maroochydore based on its convenient location. We were interested in salary packaging to save on tax but didn't know much about it.

We met with John who explained the range of services FAA could provide and with Michael who explained and set up Craig's salary packaging. 12 months later we met with Michael and John again to review Craig's salary packaging and to enquire about the Excelsior Program. Chris assisted us with a finance structure that helped us save more easily and effectively. We turned our then home into an investment property, build a new home, and had annual overseas trips while doing so.

The Excelsior Program helped us see clearly what our short and long term finances will look like if we do certain things now/in the future. Chris updates our finance structure regularly to reflect our plans for the year ahead and for changes in our lifestyle like home improvements; travel and maternity leave so that we always know what money will be available at any time.

FAA has made our lives easier, especially dealing with banks, solicitors, builders, land owners, etc when buying/building our properties and also by making our finances more predictable and understandable to us.

We have no hesitation in recommending FAA to anyone who wants to know more about what they can do to improve their current and future financial situation and want people to know that you don't need to be wealthy to benefit from FAA's services.

Craig & Lucille
Moreton Bay Region, QLD

In March 2011, I received a phone call from FAA offering my wife and I a free consultation regarding our financial options. We have had previous dealings with FAA through the QLD Government requirement for compulsory financial advice prior to salary sacrificing. This phone call also came at an opportune time for us as we had just made our final payment on our own home.

Our previous second hand experiences with financial advisors were a mixed bag and we entered the meeting with a bit of trepidation, even though our 2 previous dealing with FAA were positive. Having someone fill out some paperwork for Salary Sacrificing is significantly different to having someone help to manage your financial future.

Our first meeting was a positive experience with many questions answered and a review of our current salary sacrificing options carried out. The statement that you could ask as many questions as you like, would become a familiar theme for our future meetings. In total we had approximately 9 hours of meetings discussing salary sacrificing options and investment options before we made any decisions regarding what direction we wanted to head. At no time did we feel pressured into signing anything and we were continually reassured that we would always be in control of our finances. Through out these meetings we were further reassured as if there was anything that our advisor, Peter, could not answer he would get another advisor who specialises in that field to talk to us.

At the end of these introduction meetings we decided to join their Excelsior Program. Upon signing up for this program we were provided with a portfolio of options and it was our decision as to which way to go. The portfolio option we selected was for an investment property. The great thing about this program is that if you want to expand your investment options we can (many different options are already laid out in the portfolio), without cost, over the next 5 years.

Once the investment property option was selected, FAA sourced house and land options for us and we selected which option we liked. They also organised all the bank finances, legal procedures and tenanting of the property. The whole process went without fuss and as both my wife and I work full-time, this was one thing that we appreciated. In fact the property was leased prior to completion and was only vacant for two days. It was also great to have Peter attend the final handover as he had become an integral part of this whole process.

In whole, the process was seamless and at no point did we feel pressured into doing something we were not 100% happy with. The Excelsior Program that we joined provides an ideal opportunity to add that bit extra to our finances upon retirement and this was the intent discussed at the very first meeting. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending FAA as their highly professional approach and open communication allowed us to make informed decisions and made us fell supported through the entire process.

G. McIntosh
Western, QLD


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