People often ask if they are eligible to salary package financial adviser fees?

If you have an appointment or discussion with a registered Financial Adviser regarding your finances or investment matters, you may be eligible to salary package the fees incurred from this. This benefit allows you to possibly save on the cost of the financial advice, the reviewing of your current investments or any costs incurred in the planning of new investment goals.

All employers have different Employee Benefit options available to their employees, so it is important to find this out before beginning your Salary Packaging agreement either by contacting your Employer or making contact with your Salary Packaging Administrator. Your Employer must approve your participation into any salary packaging program. It is also recommended that you ask your Financial Adviser if this will impact your situation significantly or not.

The salary packaging of Financial Adviser Fees is exempt to any cap limits that are currently provided by your employer. Many State Government employees are eligible to salary package Financial Adviser fees.

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