Have you ever felt like you are all alone?

Sometimes, the biggest thing that Property Managers can be guilty of is a lack of COMMUNICATION.

Imagine you are moving house, you have organised to have Friday off work and planned the events of the day so you can move everything in 1 day and have the weekend to set up your new home.

You plan to:

  • pick up the keys from the Property Manager at the time they open
  • have the removalists meet you early at your new home
  • go back to clean your old place

You have everything scheduled for the day and you know what needs to be done.

Then you arrive at the Property Managers Office at opening time only to find out that you are unable to pick up the keys until later in the day because the Property Manager failed to let you know that collection of keys is after 11am.

Now the removalists have finished at your old home and are waiting at your new home. You are going to be charged an extra 2 hours while they wait for you to get the keys at 11am. Your whole day has now been set back two hours.

Moving home is not an easy task. Communication and understanding is important to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Here at FAA Property, we pride ourselves with the level of communication we provide to both our property owners and our tenants – we want your move and tenancy to be as stress free as possible and assist you as much as we can.

We understand the importance of providing our tenants with enough notice for their inspections, as to not impact their personal lifestyle, and ensure we are responding to their maintenance requests by close of business to show the urgency and ‘care factor’.

Below are just some of the feedback we have received on our level of service regarding communication:

  • “Helpful and understanding”
  • “Friendly”
  • “Kayla has great customer services and is always so helpful”