Our client, Craig, is excited! He has two (2) Investment Properties being built with FAA Property approved Builders!

Craig met with Peter who identified what Craig’s retirement plans & goals were and started Craig on a journey to achieve them.

Now Craig has one property in Harmony Estate that has just had its frame put up with Gallery Homes. We have been working with them for many years now and they offer a great online portal for our clients.

The portal provides access to the whole construction process, showing projected dates, photos and updates, and allows you to speak directly with the team.

Craig’s second Investment Property in Baringa is having its slab poured next week with JCo Constructions. JCo have a very ‘funky’ design and you can always pick their properties when you walk down the street – they stand out from the crowd!

They are a family owned business and will always take the extra step to make each client know that their journey with JCo matters – regardless of if you are an Investor or an Owner Occupier.

With 2 properties being added to his investment strategy, you can be sure that Craig is setting himself up for a comfortable retirement.

If you aren’t sure how an Investment Property can work for you in setting yourself up for retirement, seek financial advice.