Aura, the City of Colour is the Sunshine Coast’s newest City. The estate is a 40 year project which will deliver over 20,000 new homes. Aura is attracting global business opportunities and is quickly becoming one of Australia’s most sought-after regions.

The newest addition to the City of Colour is Nirimba.

Nirimba is the second suburb to be formalised at Aura, replacing Aura Central. The meaning of Nirimba comes from the Kabi Kabi people and means ‘in the middle’.

The first suburb was Baringa which means the ‘summit/top’ as it is situated at the top of the whole development. There have also been two other names issued for future suburbs in Aura:

  • Banya – which is inspired by the Bunya nut; and
  • Gagalba – which means ‘shining place’, which relates to the future lakes precinct.

This information is obtained from the Aura Newsletter – for further information on Aura, visit the website directly:

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