The level of insurance cover you receive when you join your employer is default, and no one asks you any questions about your personal situation to determine whether this cover is enough.

As it’s default, this can result in too much life insurance cover for a single person, or not enough cover for someone with a family.

You want to look after your family, right? To do this, you need to ask your partner, “what if I wasn’t here tomorrow, how would you look after the kids?” or ask yourself “what if I couldn’t work due to injury or illness? Who would pay the bills?”

Do you have enough cover to pay out all your debts or provide an income until the kids can look after themselves? To work this out, write these amounts down and start to plan what you would need in the event you couldn’t work or were to pass away. This helps you visualize what level of cover you need.

Importantly, look at the level of cover for both of you, because life will change when there is only one of you to look after the kids.

The right level of life insurance cover will give you and your family the peace of mind so that you can say “she’ll be right mate”.

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