How does Sal Pac increase my disposable income?

Your purchases occur before income-tax is removed and any GST is refunded.

Is managing Sal Pac hard?

No, FAA provide you with easy-to-use apps that make it easy to find, claim and manage the benefits you qualify for. If a benefit needs ‘substantiation’ you can photograph a receipt in App and keep the ATO happy.

Are there fees?

Yes, the software engineers and registered Tax Agents that build and maintain our systems and help protect you and your employer need to be paid. Employers appoint us on a ‘user pays model’. We have no hidden costs. Our capped fees are displayed in your quote and are a fraction of the benefit we will help you access.

Paper free?
  • Yes, we provide a full compliant online Sal Pac solution.
  • Employers get secure portal access with:
    • Integration with payroll software to remove manual processing
    • Scheduled and ad hoc reporting
  • Employees get secure access on any device with in-App:
    • Live transaction history and balances
    • Account management
    • Submission of claims
    • Personal details updating
    • Support
Too good to be true?

No, Tax has revenue and redistribution parts. Sal Pac is the latter.  When Fringe Benefit Tax was introduced, it risked the financial viability of churches and charities.  Sal Pac was the fix and it has been expanded on as an economic stimulus tool for the Government.  If you qualify for a benefit and your employer approves, we help you claim legitimate ATO benefits.

What are the mechanics?
  • Your employer appoints FAA as a Sal Pac Administrator and able to calculate, disperse and report an employees pre-Tax monies for approved benefits
  • Employees review and choose benefits they wish to claim, via automated payment, or via claiming with receipts via this App
  • Each pay run FAA will calculate the per-Tax and post-Tax amounts for each employees selected benefits
  • The employer disperses the required funds to the trust account where FAA’s Sal Pac software distributes and records the dispersal of funds to pay for the selected benefits
  • FAA provide both the employer and employee with live account balances and any ATO reports to meet obligations
  • In summary, FAA make it easy to shop online for the ATO benefits you qualify for.