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Accounting & Taxation for Business

What is FAA Business Accounting & Taxation?

The Accounting & Taxation team are flexible to you and your business’s needs. They offer a range of services including but not limited to:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Cashflow reporting and analysis
  • Compliance documents, such as Annual Taxable Reporting and QBCC Reporting obligations
  • GST Reporting, Business Activity Statements & Annual GST Returns
  • Tax Obligations, Tax Returns, PAYG Instalments calculations and Reporting
  • Financial Statements customised to your needs
  • ASIC compliance and reporting requirements
  • Cashflow Statements and Analysis
  • Benchmarking Reviews
  • Tax Planning to optimise and plan for your tax obligations


What are the benefits of working with our Accounting & Taxation team?

We aim to be part of your professional team, just like an employee or partner in your business we are invested in your needs and obligations. The Accounting and Taxation team wants you to succeed and are willing to help in whatever capacity you choose.


Your business is your reputation and every interaction and experience with your business is important in the success of your operation. Our team understands this and work with this in mind in regards to all correspondence and work we do for you and any interactions we make on your behalf.


Our aim to protect you and work within all compliance guidelines, so if we are not comfortable with an approach we will let you know. We will always endeavour to provide a viable alternative if there is a better way. We respect our clients and relationship with them and may not always be able to agree with everything, but honesty is imperative.


The world is constantly changing and in turn the business and accounting worlds are also changing. The Accounting and Taxation team is constantly looking for ways to stay current and relevant in all areas of accounting, whether it is the knowledge of the team, the changing compliance landscape, the technological aids available or the services we can offer.


We understand sometimes it is difficult to see the benefits as a business owner when spending money on compliance tasks, however our aim is to show you value. Whether it’s giving you the option to simplify your processes and reduce your fees or create value in the items you are already having prepared. Depending on the size of your business and your needs your accounting and fees are customised so you see the value in the service we provide.


How does Business Accounting & Taxation work with us?

  1. Meet and Greet – We offer an obligation free meeting (Phone, Skype or in our office) and quote the relevant services. You need to feel comfortable with your Accountant, this time is for you to evaluate our level of service. We value our relationships with our clients and see this as an opportunity for you to interview us to be your Accounting Team and us to interview you to be our client. 
  2. We can send you a quote for any services you may be interested in based on the type of service you require of us. We can also provide via email a summary of the items we discussed in our appointment. 
  3. Depending on the services we are conducting you will be informed:
    • Timeframes – when we will be in touch and why
    • The documentation required to complete the process
    • Our team and who will be contacting you 

In the first instance, contact will be with our administration team to ensure efficiency in service, however if they are unable to help, our Accountants will be in contact to assist further.

How can we help you?

Contact us today to organise an initial appointment with an Accounting & Taxation Specialist.
The specialist can provide a free financial assessment and evaluate the impact on your individual circumstances.
We provide a holistic service and can assist you in all areas of your financial life.