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Did you know that you may be able to access additional benefits as an Employee?

What is an Employee Benefit Program?

FAA offers an Employee Benefits Program to employees of participating companies across Australia.

An Employee Benefit Program is a management tool used to influence positive cultural change within an organisation. This unique program enables you as an employee to have the benefit of regular professional financial assessment that extends into all aspects of your financial life.

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What are the benefits of an Employee Benefits Program?

Accessing an Employee Benefit Program has many benefits, with FREE information and education on:

  • Superannuation Assessments
  • Cash Flow Structure and Management
  • Tax Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Financial Planning
  • Investment Property Information
  • Investment Manage Funds
  • Insurance
  • Home Loans

FAA tailors our service to your specific needs; we work with you and your employer to make sure we always provide the best range of products and services.


How does the Employee Benefits Program work?

During our on-site visits, we will provide you, the employee; a FREE appointment to assist you in assessing your individual financial situation, providing information and options in your areas of interest.

The program supports you by providing education on all aspects of finances, whether it is by giving you feedback on how to have a better Cash Flow structure or assisting in setting you up for retirement. We provide you with all the assistance and have all the expertise on hand to guide you through the services you need assistance with.


Maximising Salary Packaging Information & Assessment
By assessing your current Salary Packaging we are able to provide feedback if you are maximising your benefits.

General Information & Assessment on Novated or Associate Leasing
By assessing your employees current Salary Packaging we are able to provide feedback on if they are maximising their benefits for their Novated or Associate Lease.

Having a ‘Financial Health Check’ completed
Employees are entitled to a free ‘Financial Health Check’ which assesses their current situation and potential future direction. This has been the most requested service of all our offerings to Councils and Organisations across Australia that we provide Employee Benefits Program to.

Maximising Tax Efficiency
We identify and assess how tax efficient your current situation is, including tax payable and minimisation. You are provided with advice and information on the options that are available for your individual situation.

Information and Assessment on Purchasing an Investment Property
We assist by examining your financial position, assessing your ability to purchase an investment property and providing you with the necessary information.

Information and Assessment on Purchasing Managed Funds
We assist by examining your financial position, assessing your ability to purchase managed funds.

Comparison between Purchasing Property and Managed Funds
We can assess your specific situation and conduct an analysis to compare the long term results of both asset performances. During this assessment we take into consideration your individual circumstances.

Superannuation & Retirement Assessment
During a Superannuation Assessment we run the mathematical calculations to assess your position and outline the options available. We also look at Assets, Liabilities and Superannuation Balances on an individual basis to evaluate your position on retirement.

Transition to Retirement (TTR) Information
We can assist by providing general information on Transition to Retirement so that you are in an informed position.

General Information on Allocated Pensions
We can assist by providing general information on allocated pensions so you are in an informed position to make decisions regarding your future.

Home Loan Assessment and Brokerage Service
We will review your current Home Loan structure and provide information and feedback so you can determine its suitability to your needs. We can also source the best deals available for buying a new home, renovating or buying an investment property.

Cash Flow Analysis
We assist you, by evaluating how they currently operate your finances and provide feedback on your current situation.

Debt Minimisation Assessment, Structure & Assistance
We can assist in assessing your current debt position and provide feedback on debt minimisation. We are able to assess your liabilities and identify the most appropriate structure or products available.

Debt Consolidation Assistance – Refinancing Options
We can assist you by assessing your current debt position and providing feedback so that you can identify if consolidation is appropriate in your circumstances.

Estate Planning Assessment
We will assess your current documentation to ensure that your needs are met in the event of an unfortunate circumstance.

Life Insurance Assessment
We can assess your employees’ current life insurance policies and provide feedback so they can determine if they have a suitable level of cover. We are also able to educate on the different types of insurance that are available to them.


Additional Services

Email Query Service
FAA provides a free email query service on all financial matters. We have a one business day level of response because we realise your time is important to you. Throughout our website, you are able to request an appointment and ask questions.

Initial Consultation
The initial consultation and the information service provided to you, is FREE of charge. If it is beneficial for you to proceed with any of the options provided to you, the fees will be discussed with your during your appointment. Until such time you advise us you would like to proceed, there is no cost to you, and the appointment is obligation free

Salary Packaging Assessment and Administration
FAA is a Salary Packaging Administration Bureau. We also provide the Salary Packaging Administration for employees of participating organisations combined with a complete and professional Salary Packaging service for you, the employee.

Unlike most Salary Packaging Administration Bureaus, we support employees with the relevant financial advice for your Salary Packaging needs taking your individual situations into consideration and tailoring your packaging to suit.

We will assess your Salary Packaging arrangements to ensure you are maximising the available benefits and assist with documentation to implement or amend your Salary Packaging.


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