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Employee Benefits Program – Employer

We have been working with large and small organisations across Australia for over 30 years, helping their employees with their financial futures. An Employee Benefits Program is a management tool you can use to influence a positive culture within your organisation and engage employees to feel valued and appreciated which can lead to improved employee attraction and retention. You can offer your employees and their families our extensive suite of services with free assessment and education on their personal situation.

You can offer your employees access to:


Free Financial Well being Appointments

Have a Financial Consultant sit on your site available for your employees to ask all their finance/retirement questions or book one on one appointments to assist them assess their individual financial situation.

Information Sessions

Free Financial Information Sessions

A group information session can provide education on all aspects of finances.

Financial Consultant

Financial Consultants & Specialists

At your workplace, home, office or Skype/phone available for your employees to speak with one on one and ask all their finance/retirement questions.

Salary Packaging

Tax Savings through Salary Packaging

Restructure your employees income to reduce the amount of tax that they pay and increase their disposable income; your employees can pay certain expenses out of their salary before they pay tax which means the tax they pay is calculated on their reduced income after the nominated expenses are paid.

Insurance through Corporate Super

Automatic Income Protection Insurance through Corporate Super

Create a Superannuation Platform to offer your employees access to equal benefits such as guaranteed Income Protection regardless of existing health conditions, their weight or if they are a smoker etc.

Default Industry Super Fund

Default Industry Super Fund

They have a history of strong long-term investment performance and are available for every type of worker, regardless of occupation, and for every stage of life, from starting work to a happy retirement.

Access to customised Private Health Insurance

Customised Private Health Insurance

A personalised, scientifically-backed health and wellbeing program that supports your employees every day to make healthier lifestyle choices.

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