Thinking will not overcome fear, but action will!

Fear about the future generally comes from a lack of understanding and we are here to help.


What is an Excelsior Program?

The Excelsior Program is a Cash-flow & Financial Management System. It involves the implementation of the strategies outlined in your chosen Excelsior Plan Option by providing access to a range of specialists and their services.

The Program provides education, assistance and support to assist you to achieve both your short-term and long-term retirement goals as identified in your selected Plan Option.


What are the benefits of an Excelsior Program?

  • A specific plan for your future
  • Support and guidance across multiple areas
  • Recommendations based on your individual situation
  • Education and information
  • Gain confidence to make informed decisions
  • Access to a team of specialists
  • Review process to monitor your progress
  • Tax effective
  • Evaluate your financial position

Many people try to juggle all areas of their finances without assistance which causes fear, confusion and can lead to financial stress. Fear about the future generally comes from a lack of understanding about their financial situation and where they can get help.

We recognise this issue and provide support and information every day to our clients to build a long-term approach to the management of their finances so they have confidence to make informed decisions.


Overcoming Fear = Education + Planning + Support + Confidence for Implementation + Evaluation = Excelsior Program


How does an Excelsior Program Work?

The Program can be implemented after you have selected the Option from the Excelsior Plan that best suits your goals and desired outcomes.

To implement the cash flow and financial management strategies outlined in your chosen Excelsior Plan Option the Program provides you access to a team of specialists and their services. Through these specialists’ services, education and assistance our team work with you towards achieving your goals.

We provide a holistic approach to your financial situation that offers a range of services that cover all aspects of your financial life. Each specialist department reviews your overall situation to ensure the right approach is taken for your individual situation and desired goals.

Having multiple specialist departments working together to assist you in various areas of your financial life ensures you are provided with a holistic approach to your financial position.

A vital part of the Excelsior Program is the evaluation process. This is undertaken through the review process and identifies progress and areas that require attention.


Review Process (Evaluation)

The formal review process involves regular meetings throughout the year.

The review process is very simple. Initially, we convert most people’s complex structures into simple easy to manage structures and continue monitoring this. Everything associated with the business part of your life is automated and your personal expenditure money is easily accessible and unconnected with bill paying, investments, repayments etc.

In the Review appointments, we address:

  • If you are on track with the management of your Cash flow/Savings Plan and if you aren’t, we discuss strategies to help you
  • The changes/improvements in your finances since the previous review
  • If there have been any large unexpected costs or gains (e.g. Loss of a job, pay increase, etc.)
  • Your next goal and if you are on track to achieving it
  • The next steps to progressing your Cash-flow & Financial Management System, outlined in your Excelsior Plan (e.g. Tax, updating a Will or EPOA, etc.)

If any areas of concern are identified, we assist you to implement strategies that address the issue before it becomes a problem.

How can we help you?

Contact us today to organise an initial appointment with a Financial Services Specialist.
The specialist can provide a free financial assessment and evaluate the impact on your individual circumstances.
We provide a holistic service and can assist you in all areas of your financial life.